Colour for Uniforms

Colours for Uniforms

 A uniform can be a powerful extension of your company identity. As soon as customers see your employees in your company’s uniforms they become a face for your brand.

With extensive style and colours for uniforms choices you can choose a style to match your brand easier than ever before. To make your employees easily identifiable and part of your team, outfitting them in your style and colours will make interaction with customers an enjoyable experience.

Match your theme?

This is where it can get tricky but it doesn’t have to be. Whatever your theme keep it simple and think about what you want to achieve with colour for uniforms and the environment around you.

If you are going for an outdoors/indoors theme try rustic greens, browns and neutral colours combined with denim. If your venue is located close to the beach continue the beachy feel into your venue with a royal blue apron or a blue chef jacket.

Create an atmosphere

Warm colours wake us up and get us moving, very popular in fast food restaurants. Cool colours like blue, green & white have a calming effect and may help to keep people lingering longer.

Complement your brand identity

Your venue and identity are built up from so many different elements. From your interior décor, tableware, to your menu design and welcome sign.  All of these elements work together to create your brand and the more consistency throughout these elements, the stronger the identity will be. Your uniforms should continue to support this.

Consult your team

By ensuring that your team is wearing an outfit they are comfortable in, there will be an increase in morale and productivity. When choosing a uniform, seek the opinions of your staff and find out what will they be happy wearing. A bright orange apron may look fantastic in your venue and most people welcome a splash of colour, but, if a sizable percentage of your team will dread donning their uniform every day, it might have a negative effect.

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