Promotional Travel Kits that will make your Brand memorable amongst your clients and have them talking excitedly about your company.

Discover how to have the BEST High Tech Travel Kits on the market today wrapped up in a Promotional Kit Bundle of your choice!

People love to receive free merchandise and want to wear/use the products while they are on your Tours.

Therefore by supplying your clients a free Travel Kit your branding is sent virtually everywhere you go on your tour. They are not just talking about the location but by default they are all promoting and talking about your Brand.

PROMOTIONAL BUNDLES are Kits containing several different-related products. These Kits can include products that are aligned to your Company. Be customized with your company’s logo, and are meant to flaunt your Brand on-the-go. Promotional bundles give your company the opportunity to gain brand exposure in new and different locations! By offering a unique Branded Promotional Travel Kit to your clients does a few things;


It helps your business stand out by providing you with really unique Branded Promotional Products for you to send to your clients. It keeps you front of mind when your customer is ready to buy and so ensuring you get more regular business.

We can offer you a Done-For-You service by tailoring a unique Travel Kit (or any other kit) for your company without you having to worry about it.

Buy a ready made kit or have one designed specifically for you. There are literally hundreds of ideas to make up a Kit.

Make yours today and have all the hard work done for you.

Here are some examples of our Travel Kits and each Kit can be modified to suit your requirements.

High Tech Travel Kit

Travel Bundle Kit – Retro

Health & Well-Being Travel Kit

Eco-Kit (coming soon)

Give us a call today or fill in the contact form for a discussion on how we can tailor a kit for you!

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