Eco friendly, sustainable living, green living, plastic alternatives.

These are all ideas that most people realise are important but few even try to live at all.

The reason is that for many people it’s very difficult to cut down on their carbon footprint using eco friendly products.

For others, they’re simply not interested and see no real reason to cut down on consumption.

People Do Affect Weather Patterns and Climate

One of the biggest problems is convincing ‘Powers that Be’ that people do contribute to climate change.

Whilst we can’t prevent changes from happening within our environment, we can slow them down or speed them up.

The fact of the matter is that in states where incentives exist to help people recycle, buy sustainable products, and act in a more earth-friendly way, things happen.

But, every state doesn’t offer the ability to earn ten cents from a plastic bottle.

Every state doesn’t have tap water programs to ensure that the public knows that tap water is really better for you to drink than bottled water.

Change Is Difficult

Most of us don’t change. It’s just a fact of human nature.

We get used to a certain way of life and changes usually have to be made on an emotional level.

The impact of our environment is so slow to realise the seriousness of the situation.

Eco Friendly Products

We are introducing bulk eco friendly products so you can make a difference!

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