7 Pairs of Pants Every Woman Should Own

Pants are a staple in any ladies’ wardrobe. Even if you are a self-proclaimed “skirt” girl, having these essential styles in your wardrobe will have you looking fabulous and chic- ALWAYS. Not too sure how to wear these shorts though? Consult our guide, and you are already halfway there!

Man Pants (or Chinos)

Having a handy pair of chinos or khaki’s in your wardrobe will always prove useful when you are dressing up or dressing casual.

They go great with a chic blazer and some nice boots for a fancier look, but also go perfectly with a casual shirt and converse for a laid-back vibe.

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Dark Jeans

Dark jeans with a uniform wash, are a no brainer because you can wear them for day or evening and they go with everything in your closet.

Instead of searching the shopping centre and buying fifty pairs of random jeans, search for one pair that fits you in all right places. You will be glad you did!

Nice Leggings

There are leggings you wear around the house, and then there are leggings you actually wear in public.

If you are a little bit body conscious, opt for a legging jeans with have a bit more structure to them.

Pair them with a cute pair of boots, and your outfit will be smoking hot!

Pants in a Bright Colour

First, choose a silhouette and material that suits your personal style.

Secondly, choose a colour that complements your skin tone.

Thirdly, break that bad boy out when you are wanting to make bold and lively fashion statement.

Pair it with a simple coloured shirt and boots, and you will be rocking the look!

Boyfriend Jeans

Do you even need convincing to purchase a pair of loose, comfortable jeans?

Nothing is a cooler look then a pair of boyfriend jeans, casual t-shirt and sneakers.

Wear it to the movies, to the shops, the combinations are practically endless!


Nothing says business powerful like a pair of commanding slim ankle-length pants and a pair of classic pumps. Opt for a neutral colour, not too tight fit for the perfect office combo. Rocking a pair of these will have you looking professional, sophisticated and have everyone jealous of your style.

Patterned or printed pants

Why should your blouses or dresses have all the fun?

Have a pair of patterned or printed pants on hand to experiment with something a little bit different and to show off your wild side.

Stick with a neutral coloured top to have some instant jazzing and spice in your wardrobe.

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